Despite the constantly changing requirements of our customers, the industry and the bodies that govern it, EUWA continues to develop its customer support services in order to provide clear and quantifiable operating advantages.

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Plant Observation

In order to ensure consistently high quality water output it is essential to monitor plant performance and output on an ongoing basis. EUWA water treatment plants are designed with this in mind, and all plants are regulated and monitored electronically. EUWA’s systems utilise extremely intricate software which is designed and written in house, with the specific requirements of the customer in mind. The system controls and monitors the complex cycles of the various process’s the plant must undertake. These electronic monitoring systems can be integrated into any central control system and if required, be programmed to produce concise, relevant and readable operational data reports.

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As an additional service EUWA has developed Remote Monitoring Systems such that plant operation can be observed by EUWA’s trained experts via online modem link up. This service allows us to monitor the complete water treatment process on an ongoing basis and importantly, enables us to correct system faults spontaneously and effectively to maintain ongoing high quality water output.

Benefits of Online Monitoring

• Improved Productivity and Knowledge

Our system can maintain ongoing high quality water output, assisting your staff and saving time. The bottom line is your staff are free to pursue other functions, improving your business’ productivity and efficiency.

• Enhanced Knowledge

In effect your business receives the benefit of our extensive and valuable operational knowledge.

• Spontaneous Remedial Action

Remote Monitoring provides for great spontaneity. EUWA can identify water treatment process’s and water quality changes speedily and take immediate remedial action thereby enhancing plant operating efficiency.

• Changing Requirements

Should you desire a different water quality, EUWA can re-program the plant remotely and provide you with updated data in a timely manner.

• Cost Savings

All of these benefits mean less down time, increased plant and staff productivity resulting in reduced operating costs and enhanced profitability.

Should you require further information in relation to our remote monitoring systems, please do not hesitate to contact our electrical team via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 07034/275-50.

• Training

EUWA’s experts provide the initial plant "start up" together with your personnel and are available for ongoing assistance and intensive staff training. One of our main goals is to provide the faultless start up and smooth hand over of each plant to our customers.

After-Sales Service & Service Contracts

We provide comprehensive performance based service contracts where the customer has the opportunity to specify all desired maintenance and service requirements and put these in the hands of EUWA’s expertly trained specialists. This ensures reliable and effective plant operation.

After-sales service is typically provided quarterly by EUWA’s specialists.

The service includes:

Thorough verification of the completed plant and its various functions
Identification and rectification of any defects
On site water analysis
Operational staff training
Detailed written reports on all inspections

Our customers are invited to provide 8 water samples per yearor analysis in EUWA’s laboratory, this service is free of charge.

In addition to our standard service contracts we are also able to provide various other "client specific" service agreements to meet your individual requirements.


As you would know all plants and equipment have to be maintained and serviced to slow down the aging process. To have your water treatment plant serviced by an EUWA specialist is a prudent and low cost method which will maximise the life span of this major capital asset!

Naturally we are also able to provide plant service without an ongoing service contract:

If you have any questions or problems, our competent service department offers free world wide support by phone or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Should your problem be very complicated on site inspections can be arranged.

We offer a detailed and accurate water analysis to determine water quality problems. (The first test is free, subsequent tests incur a minor charge)

EUWA will also supply necessary spare parts and chemicals

Water analysis in the in-house laboratory

Water analysis in the in-house laboratory

For your plants use the support of EUWA experts

For your plants use the support
of EUWA experts