Plant Observation

In order to ensure consistently high quality water output it is essential to monitor plant performance and output on an ongoing basis. EUWA water treatment plants are designed with this in mind, and all plants are regulated and monitored electronically. EUWA’s systems utilise extremely intricate software which is designed and written in house, with the specific requirements of the customer in mind. The system controls and monitors the complex cycles of the various process’s the plant must undertake. These electronic monitoring systems can be integrated into any central control system and if required, be programmed to produce concise, relevant and readable operational data reports.


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As an additional service EUWA has developed Remote Monitoring Systems such that plant operation can be observed by EUWA’s trained experts via online modem link up. This service allows us to monitor the complete water treatment process on an ongoing basis and importantly, enables us to correct system faults spontaneously and effectively to maintain ongoing high quality water output.